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...Your Canadian Island Adventure Awaits.

Nanaimo is a great place to live; it is nestled behind two gorgeous small islands that create a beautiful protected harbour with outlets on each end for water traffic. The city hosts two BC Ferry docking facilities, one in Departure Bay and the other in Duke Point south of town for ease of traffic flow for larger cargo carriers and southbound travelers. With a population of approximately 90,000 people and being the main landing point in Central Vancouver Island, Nanaimo offers a full range of educational, medical, cultural, and employment opportunities. Nanaimo’s close proximity to the city of Vancouver, on the mainland, makes it possible to take advantage of the more affordable real estate prices, the lifestyle and commute to Vancouver city. Living on Vancouver Island one never feels trapped or isolated; every modern transportation service and facility is available locally.



A Rich History


Frank Ney Nanaimo

Frank Ney

Frank was a former Mayor of Nanaimo famous for promoting his community. He called Nanaimo “ The Jewel of the Pacific” and Vancouver Island “The Sun Porch of Canada”. Dressed in his colorful pirate attire, he traveled the world inviting people to come and experience Nanaimo’s beauty and hospitality for themselves.

The Bastion 

Nanaimo’s Bastion is the last remaining wooden structure of Hudson’s Bay Company in North America. It is a Municipal Heritage Site and one of the oldest historic symbols of Nanaimo. Built in 1853 to protect the first coal miners and their families, it was seldom used for that purpose. In fact, after the Hudson’s Bay Company license for exclusive trade wasn’t renewed, the Bastion was used for local government purposes and even as a temporary jail. Saved from demolition in 1891 for the sum of $175 from the city, it was then moved to its present location along Front street. The Bastion’s interior represents how it may have looked in the 1850's.

Harbour City 

Islanders are an interesting type of people; we work hard in our jobs so we can play hard in our own backyard. People the world over flock to our ocean playground to savor any small bit that they can. We golf, skate, play hockey, soccer, hike, fish, mountain bike, camp, go boating; we are avid gardeners and share our crafts and produce at local markets. Winters are mild but we still have access to wonderful ski hills nearby like Mt.Washington Alpine Resort on the Island and Whistler/Blackcomb resorts. It’s a strange phenomenon to be able to ski pristine snow conditions one day and golf the very next day.



Nanaimo’s thriving economy provides a variety of employment opportunities enabling residents to live an excellent quality of life. Entrepreneurship abounds with the lucrative trades, transportation, and equipment operator sector. The sales and service industry accounts for the largest portion of our employment base with education, health care, business, applied science, and natural resources forming the balance. It’s a community that is well seasoned with home-based business and technological growth. Being a hub city, our economy is the central business district for the outlying areas that surround us.



Living on an island might seem isolated to some but it is not at all that way. We have all the services we need and we get to enjoy them from the most beautiful ocean and natural settings imaginable.

The internet and its connectivity to the world have given Islanders options for work locations. People no longer need to live in bustling cities for work; they can enjoy raising their families and pets while enjoying the clean air and peaceful pace of the Island.



We have the best of all worlds; our winters are mild with little to no snow and ice. When we want to go skiing, we drive for an hour or so to Mt. Washington resort; we’re also not far from Whistler/Blackcomb Resort on the mainland.  It’s common to hear people brag about skiing on one day and golfing on the very next day. Precipitation in winter generally comes in the form of rain; it isn’t that pleasant, but it isn’t as slippery as ice and it’s easier to shovel than snow. Spring starts early here; March brings with it daffodils and tulips. Summer days are warm with light sea breezes and they stretch far into September and October extending outdoor leisure enjoyment. Islanders welcome family and friends from away and are known to vacation at home on the Island. 




Property Prices 

Nanaimo has long been an affordable alternative to Vancouver and the city of Victoria on Vancouver Island.


  •        Cost of living index in Nanaimo is 5.88% lower than in Toronto.
  •         Rent in Nanaimo is, on average, 43.61% lower than in Toronto.
  •         Cost of living rank 182th out of 552 cities in the world.
  •         Nanaimo has a cost of living index of 70.86.

Historic sales x price range Nanaimo


  • Cost of living index in Victoria is 3.08% lower than in Toronto.
  • Rent in Victoria is, on average, 21.78% lower than in Toronto.
  • Cost of living rank 159th out of 552 cities in the world.
  • Victoria has a cost of living index of 72.97.


Historic sales x price range Victoria