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Winter Garden by the Sea Side

It's a winter wonderland here. We may have to travel for an hour to find white fluffy snow but we seldom have to shovel, or slip on ice, or bundle up against -40 degree temperatures and wind chill. I don't know many places where you can golf one day and the next day drive to Mount Washington Alpine Resort to enjoy Alpine and Nordic skiing.

Snow at Mt. Washington Alpine Resort

I remember, as a kid from New Brunswick, waiting till the very last minute for news of school cancellations only to be disappointed when it was still on. We walked for blocks in snow up to our knees. Vancouver Island kids enjoy school cancellations for much less severe weather conditions.Vancouver Islanders panic when news of an approaching cold front or snowfall is broadcast. Locals stock up on groceries,…

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The Kitchen Commands Attention

You don't have to change or completely renovate your kitchen in order to impress buyers but a few small changes can make a huge difference.

Clean, clutter-free kitchen It's easy to freshen and clean up a kitchen.
  • Check out your cabinets; do they need cleaning or a fresh coat of paint?
  • Are your countertops cluttered with "stuff" like small appliances, vitamin jars, note pads, mail, napkin holder etc.....
  • Declutter and clean inside your cabinets. How many salad bowls do you really need? How many mugs? 
  • Organize your spices and throw or give away any you don't need. 
  • Organize your dry food storage and throw or give away anything you don't need.
  • Create the illusion of space by paring down the…
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Saska the Vancouver Island CatThere are many well documented reasons why household pets help people of all ages. They help reduce stress and that helps improve physical and mental health outcomes.

Pets have been used in therapy to help relieve anxiety before and after surgery and during treatment of other physical and emotional conditions. Exams time can be extremely stressful for students so universities, knowing this, have developed opportunities for students to play with puppies and kittens. 

Pets in family settings help members interact with one another; they help children develop interactive skills and they take the edge off loneliness and/or depression.

It's no surprise that the number of pets being purchased and adopted, during Covid 19, has increased…

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I'm going to show you how to take the pain out of the pre-showing clean-up.

I like a clean house but I don't love the work involved. As I Realtor, I never realized how stressful it is to prepare for showing until I listed my home for sale. I was literally in my cleaning attire right up to the last minute before the buyers arrived to see the place.

under the bed storage bins

First things first, have the right tools:

  • broom with angled heads
  • vacuum
  • dusters with telescopic handles
  • mop with removable heads
  • flat plastic storage bin for under the bed
  • 2 large plastic totes a small, portable caddy 

Now it's time to get organized; add your cleaning supplies to the caddy

  • all purpose cleaner
  • sponges
  • microfiber cloths
  • gloves

Now the Plan…

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