Guide to Selling Real Estate in Nanaimo


Hiring a Realtor to sell your home is a decision you’ll want to consider carefully. Any Realtor can place a sign on your lawn, a lockbox with keys and post a listing on MLS, but they aren’t all equal in the expertise and service they provide. When placing your most valuable assets in the hands of a Realtor, you need to know about their practice.



Interviewing Agents


Top 13 Interview questions. Be organized for your first appointment.

  1.   Do they work full time as a real estate agent?
  2.   What will you do to market my home?
  3.   Will you use professional photography?
  4.   Will you help me get it show-ready?
  5.   How will you figure out what the asking price should be?
  6.   Will you give me feedback from the showings?
  7.   What experience do you have selling home?
  8.   How do you use social media?
  9.   How will you protect us from potential COVID 19 germs during a showing?
  10.   What is your negotiating strategy?
  11.   Do you show and sell your own listings?
  12.   How long will it take for my home to sell?
  13.   What if I’m not happy with your work?...

These are just a few of the questions you'll want answers for.



Contact Form

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The Process:

  1. We meet at your home for a walk-through tour and discuss what it is that made you fall in love with the home when you bought. You'll want to show us any improvements you’ve made and tell us what sets you apart from other homes in and outside of your area. You may be on a bus route, close to schools and shopping, or maybe your home enjoys a great view. We’ll take notes and then go away to prepare a full CMA (comparative market analysis) of your home which we’ll present along with our marketing plan during our next meeting.
  2. Our 2 nd meeting will be to review the CMA (comparative market analysis) and our marketing strategy. The CMA gives the seller actual price, size of the dwelling, size of land and location information for active, sold and expired properties. An expired property listing indicates that it failed to sell. We’ll compare homes based primarily on location and size and then consider other amenities and features worth comparing like finishing, garages, number of bathrooms as well as proximity to schools, transportation and shopping.During the presentation of our marketing strategy, we’ll discuss how we help you prepare your home to show its best for maximum exposure to the market, our advertising strategy and our successful approach to negotiating the best price and terms for the sale of your property. We owe you an exclusive duty of care; we take that responsibility very seriously. We never divulge any information that would, in any way, compromise your negotiating position. Our goal is to get you the best price possible in the least amount of time with the least amount of stress
  3. Signing the listing contract and collecting detailed information like surveys, utility bills, water and septic.
  4. Photography and preparation of promotional materials.
  5. Installation of lawn sign and key box
  6. Developing showing protocols for qualifying buyers and safety re COVID 19
  7. Offer Review: examine dates and negotiate price and terms
  8. Acceptance: Supply any additional documentation as agreed to in the contract
    of purchase.
  9. Allow appointments for inspections
  10. Negotiate any inspection deficiency issues.
  11. Install a Sold sign
  12. Sold Solid: hire a lawyer to handle your end of the transaction- fix any agreed
    upon deficiencies- contact insurance/ utilities and mail forwarding.
  13. Leave Keys and garage door openers.
  14. Provide notes on the location of the mailbox and any other small details.
  15. Say goodbye house and leave the home clean.